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A Day at the Beach

Diarahkan oleh Simon Hesera
United Kingdom, 1972
Komedi, Drama


A trip to a shabby seaside resort for Bernie and his crippled daughter, Winnie, devolves into a shameful display of neglect and addiction as the alcoholic, self-pitying Bernie medicates his bitterness with liquor until he’s staggering drunk.

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A Day at the Beach Diarahkan oleh Simon Hesera

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  • A47's rating of the film A Day at the Beach

    "Poets are deceptable creatures; so often lead their friends to despair. They're so preoccupied listening to their inner voices that often they mistake another's voice for one of their own." Uncle Bernie stumbles. Had Polanski, Roeg, Loosey, Kotcheff or Antonioni directed this, the main character's stakes -be them minimal and existential as they may- would be clear. Feels something like a bad Camus novel. "Winning."

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