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A Tale of Springtime

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Diarahkan oleh Éric Rohmer
Perancis, 1990
Komedi, Drama, Cinta


Jeanne, a high school philosophy instructor, meets Natacha at a party. They become friends, and soon Jeanne, who shares an flat in Paris with her boyfriend, is staying at Natacha’s while her dad, a French bureaucrat, is out of town. Very quickly, Jeanne realizes Natacha has something to hide.

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A Tale of Springtime Diarahkan oleh Éric Rohmer

Ulasan pengkritik

I feel almost at one with the Gene Hackman character in Arthur Penn’s Night Moves who remarks that seeing a Rohmer film “is kind of like watching paint dry.” That very nearly describes my experience of the first half hour or so of A Tale of Springtime… If the film got steadily more interesting after that, it was because I became convinced that watching paint dry can be a fairly absorbing activity, at least if the color of the paint keeps changing in the process.
November 06, 1992
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