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Diarahkan oleh Jack Sholder
Sepanyol, 2001
Seram, Cereka Sains, Pengembaraan


Loren Mercer, ex-Navy pilot, is in the South Pacific looking for her ex-boyfriend, Capt. John Lightfoot, who disappeared while on a secret mission.

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Arachnid Diarahkan oleh Jack Sholder

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  • Tyler Wright's rating of the film Arachnid

    This movie is a bad, cheesy way...though it's still at least a little awesome. The directing is bad and it's obviously low budget, but they conquered a lot of damning feats. The effects are usually great (for the type) and it goes WAY beyond being a typical killer bug flick. It actually gets pretty artsy and psychological at times, which is probably why people hate it.

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