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Baden Baden

Diarahkan oleh Rachel Lang
Belgium, Perancis, 2016
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When Ana finishes a job she hates as a runner on a big film shoot in Belgium, she makes an impulse decision to change her plans. Over the course of a summer, during which a broken love affair briefly blossoms again and Ana’s grandmother has to go into hospital, Ana does her best to cope with life.

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The climax of the Ana Trilogy, Rachel Lang’s feature length debut unleashes a rare vitality, both infectious and moving. With a delightful balance of comedy and tragedy, Lang has created a unisex heroine for the ages with echoes of Frances Ha, but ultimately irresistibly unique

Baden Baden Diarahkan oleh Rachel Lang
It’s very fresh and often very funny stuff, communicated in a direct, unforced style. The movie is so unconcerned with narrative momentum, however, that the viewer may be apt to forget there’s even a story in the first place. This is not nearly as annoying as it might sound. That’s partly because Ana is such good company.
November 24, 2016
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Shots of Ana removing the bath and instaling a shower, alongside the docile Gregoire, who she met at a DIY store, become one of the film’s many architectural vignettes. The scenes work to uproot and reimagine film history’s use of the shower scene as a space where physical and metaphorical violences against women take place. Baden Baden’s bathroom is the backdrop for Shakespearian comic relief and gives structure to the film’s intentionally aimless, episodic narrative.
September 27, 2016
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If the abbreviated version of Ana was self-assured, Baden Baden’s is the opposite. Unsure, doubtful, and vulnerable. She is, however, refreshingly in embrace of her confusion that at this juncture in her life that marks more a digression than regression.
November 30, 2016
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