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Bright Leaves

Diarahkan oleh Ross McElwee
United Kingdom, Amerika Syarikat, 2003
Komedi, Dokumentari, Biografi


Describes a journey taken across the social, economic, and psychological tobacco terrain of North Carolina by a native Carolinian, Ross McElwee, whose great-grandfather created the famous brand of tobacco known as Bull Durham.

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Bright Leaves Diarahkan oleh Ross McElwee

Ulasan pengkritik

One reason Bright Leaves is McElwee’s best film since Sherman’s March is the richness of his reflections on this multifaceted material — which may say as much about the tainted legacy of cinema as it does about that of the deadly weed. He can make room on his bustling canvas for both Patricia Neal, Cooper’s costar in Bright Leaf, and film theorist Vlada Petric, a onetime Harvard colleague.
December 03, 2004
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