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By the Name of Tania

Belgium, Belanda, 2019


Tania is not her real name. She has lost that as well as her right of self-determination. In the hope of finding happiness in the Peruvian gold mines, she fell into the hands of a trafficker who forced her to work in the brothels.

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By the Name of Tania Diarahkan oleh Bénédicte Liénard, Mary Jimenez

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  • Espen Nomedal's rating of the film By the Name of Tania

    A film about young girls' abduction, abuse and transformation into prostitutes. Through Virginie Surdej's intimate camerawork, we become one of the survivors. Her story is a descent into hell, deep inside the Peruvian jungles and gold mines. Each step through tropical foliage is carefully placed by great filmmaking. Not sure if I'm watching fiction or documentary, but both make the story work. How rare is that?

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