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The Chelsea Girls

Diarahkan oleh Andy Warhol
Amerika Syarikat, 1966


A tableaux with a faux pope taking confessions; a drunken mother berating her son and his mute girlfriend; four women fighting in a bedroom; five friends spending time smoking, drinking, and talking; a young man on acid speaking his deepest thoughts; and a john and a trick in bed, visited by friends

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The Chelsea Girls Diarahkan oleh Andy Warhol
As the film drags on, you start to realize you’re doing your own “editing” based on which reel you’re looking at, which characters you’re following, or how often you’re checking your watch. It’s as fascinating an experiment on screen as off.
October 02, 2016
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Even in its housebroken form, THE CHELSEA GIRLS is still a wild experience, heavily influenced by the whims and sympathies of the projectionist… The whole thing is staggering and exhausting, like we’re forcibly ensconced in some surveillance state hivemind: we eavesdrop on one amphetamine-fueled rant after another, our eyes wandering away to the queer doings next door and back again.
February 12, 2016
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The results are often spellbinding; the juxtaposition of two film images at once gives the spectator an unusual amount of freedom in what to concentrate on and what to make of these variously whacked-out performers.
June 01, 1989
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