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Diary of the Dead

Diarahkan oleh George A. Romero
Amerika Syarikat, 2007


A group of film students, led by Jason, is making a low-budget mummy film. At first the fear is acted, but it is soon clear that the dead are really coming to life. While the government is incompetent in combating the crisis, and communications with the world are cut off, Jason keeps on filming.

Diary of the Dead Diarahkan oleh George A. Romero

Ulasan pengkritik

Where Cloverfield uses the trappings of cinema verite to foster a sense of documentary realism, Diary, like Redacted, sets out to expose the false notion of realism in cinema, even (or especially) in works of alleged nonfiction. It’s a zombie movie by way of Brecht and Godard: Where most directors strive to elide the audience’s awareness of the physical filmmaking process, Romero delights in exposing the rivets and joints holding together his movie’s disparate pieces.
February 13, 2008
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