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Donkey Skin

Peau d'âne

Diarahkan oleh Jacques Demy
Perancis, 1970
Drama, Keluarga, Fantasi


In a magical land, a widower king decrees that he will wed his princess daughter, because she’s the only woman able to match his former queen’s beauty. To dodge the incestuous union, the princess—with the help of a magical fairy—disguises herself as a donkey and escapes to a neighboring kingdom.

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Donkey Skin Diarahkan oleh Jacques Demy
Donkey Skin is not just a challenge to fairy-tale traditions; Demy also uses it to build on the experimental fantasy work of Cocteau and his own previous films. The saturated colors and the operetta-like features of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967), which make of the provincial town an unreal, magical space of love, anticipate Demy’s use of color and the marvelous in Donkey Skin.
July 28, 2014
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To qualify it as a minor work though seems a great disservice, as anyone who’s seen the film knows there’s nothing slight about it. It’s required viewing for anyone remotely interested in understanding Demy, but even for those with simpler aims DONKEY SKIN is a willfully bizarre lark that rises above any “so bad it’s good” pigeonholing.
February 28, 2014
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The hyper-designed sets suggest a Cocteau-hour Disneyland (or maybe Demy checked out the Madonna Inn when he shot his previous film “The Model Shop” in Los Angeles)… Like Demy’s other movies it’s one of a kind, at once monstrously Oedipal and charmingly infantile; Deneuve managed to be both hilarious and touching in her donkey drag.
October 11, 2013
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  • Rafael Zen's rating of the film Donkey Skin

    Oh my, what a way to tell a princess story. Demy's crafty tale brings such visual delight that's impossible not to miss this kind of cinema maker: it almost makes you hate CGI-fetish from contemporary fables - the kind that pukes and explodes things right at your face. The costumes, the scenario, the art design - it immediately teleports you into fantasy. Beautiful work and beautiful world.

  • LauraPalmer's rating of the film Donkey Skin

    Rewatched and re-loved. TOP film, a brilliant, intelligent and ironic adaptation of the literary fairytale by Charles Perrault. There's nothing more visually beautiful than Peau d'âne, each frame is perfect and full of detail and colour, I'm in love again but at the same time it's terrible for me to see a donkey skin, even if it is faux.

  • maria's rating of the film Donkey Skin

    Film enchanteur parmi les films enchanteurs. Folie, délicatesse, bonté et cruauté. C'est une pure merveille. A voir et revoir et revoir encore.

  • Max Seqgar's rating of the film Donkey Skin

    What a way for Demy to bring irony, incest, kitsch galore, and even a helicopter into a wonderful fairy tale. The dirtier American ugly-sister equivalent of this movie would be John Water's Desperate Living!

  • Greg S.'s rating of the film Donkey Skin

    A exercise in defamiliarization, Demy manages to counter even the most fantastical elements with a sense of realism making the film more fantastic. The fairy godmother mainly seems to be magical almost purely on the basis that she has a modern perspective vs Deneuve's very medieval dilemma. Deneuve's performance is a wonder, one of the in jokes being it only takes a donkey costume for people to think she's ugly.

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Donkey Skin

    CAKE D'AMOUR Préparez votre, préparez votre pâte Dans une jatte, dans une jatte plate Et sans plus de discours Allumez votre, allumez votre four Prenez de la, prenez de la farine Versez dans la, versez dans la terrine Quatre mains bien pesées Autour d'un puits creux, Autour d'un puits creusé Choisissez quatre, Choisissez quatre œuf frais Qu'ils soient du matin faits Un bol entier, un bol entier de lait

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Donkey Skin

    If you're wondering if there's a link between Freud, Disney, Cocteau, and flamboyant camp, look no further. A true oddity—even odder: it was Demy's biggest box office hit!—that has the guts to treat the most unsettling parts of classic fairy tales literally and with a satirical eye. Its very existence seems wrong-headed today, but between the color and the music, it was clearly made in some sort of state of ecstasy.

  • Emily O's rating of the film Donkey Skin

    demy expertly distances us from fairy tale in a really absurd formal masterpiece. it's so playful and full of love (and human statues and one jewel-pooping donkey), but the love is weird (due to jean marais's recitations of poetry, among other things) and the way in which formal excess clashes with such fairy tale formulae makes for a really disconcerting movie at times

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