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The Duchess of Langeais

Ne touchez pas la hache

Diarahkan oleh Jacques Rivette
Perancis, Itali, 2007
Drama, Cinta, Sejarah


General Montriveau, having returned from the Napoleonic Wars in despair, quickly becomes enamored with Duchess Langeais. Across a series of nocturnal visitations, the Duchess mercilessly toys with her hot-tempered suitor, as the machinations of a shadowy conspiracy unfold in the background…

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The Duchess of Langeais Diarahkan oleh Jacques Rivette
It offers a peerless display of contemporary French screen acting.
December 01, 2008
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The love story that ensues is as wild and irrational as anything conceived by Emily Bronté.
July 16, 2008
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This is Rivette’s third film to draw from Balzac, but the first actually set in the Restoration period. This distinction may not be particularly important; his filmmaking has never, even when couched in the most contemporary of milieus, seemed the property of this century: who in this hectic millennium has time to watch such famously endless movies? This is much of what makes Rivette so likable; his work is so singular as to be completely improbable.
February 21, 2008
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