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Down by Law

Diarahkan oleh Jim Jarmusch
Amerika Syarikat, 1986
Komedi, Jenayah, Cult


Three men — a disc jokey, a low-level pimp, and a hapless Italian tourist — find themselves in the same Louisiana prison cell for crimes they didn’t commit. Together, they plan their escape.

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Down by Law Diarahkan oleh Jim Jarmusch

Ulasan pengkritik

Down by Law is obviously quite funny, not too proud to lean on Benigni’s valiant wrangling of the English language and other easy gags… Yet [it’s] oddly heart-warming, magnifying moments of unexpected camaraderie between kindred spirits who don’t immediately ID each other as such.
September 11, 2014
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My impression (based on Younger Me’s reaction) was that first half is languid set-up, second half prison comedy, but in fact we’re in jail after barely 30 minutes – clearly, YM felt the early scenes dragging slightly – and there’s an entire final act post-escape, though the comic ideas dry up and we get Benigni finding love with the ever-bland Nicoletta Braschi.
February 08, 2014
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