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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Diarahkan oleh Michael Patrick Jann
Amerika Syarikat, Jerman, 1999
Komedi, Cult


A mockumentary about a vicious competition between two contestants in a rural Minnesota beauty pageant. While the two girls prepare for the contest, their mothers decide they will stop at nothing to help each one’s respective child win the contest.

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Diarahkan oleh Michael Patrick Jann

Ulasan pengkritik

It’s a film that makes you take it seriously, even as you’re sniggering to yourself over its wry cuts and quippy one-liners. The performances are superb; it’s Michael Patrick Jann’s only feature-length film (he was a cast member on MTV’s The State and directed the majority of its sketches—he now directs television), but he proves himself adept as a director of actors in larger-scale projects.
July 13, 2018
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