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Father to Son


Diarahkan oleh Hsiao Ya-chuan
Taiwan, 2018


Van Pao-Te finds himself suffering from a serious illness, instead of getting treatment, he decides to go to Japan to look for his father who abandoned him 50 years ago with the accompany of his son. At the same time, a young man from Hong Kong who is somehow related to Van’s past comes to Taiwan.

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Father to Son Diarahkan oleh Hsiao Ya-chuan

Ulasan pengkritik

Hsiao’s cyclical orchestrations and plot parallelisms come across mainly as superficial flourishes, with none of the necessary emotional heft. By the end of Father to Son, the supposed optimism that emerges from the strenuous plot machinations registers mainly as cynical, writerly flourish.
October 31, 2018
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Alas, at a certain key point in the narrative, Hsiao’s movie becomes overwhelmed by the soap opera-like melodrama that it had earlier treated in a more restrained, naturalistic manner.
October 12, 2018
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