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Femme fatale

Diarahkan oleh Brian De Palma
Perancis, Switzerland, 2002
Seram, Jenayah


Laure, a sultry former jewel thief and con woman, tries to straighten out her life. Suddenly, she is exposed to the world and her enemies by a voyeuristic photographer, Nicholas Bardo, who takes a special interest in her.

Femme fatale Diarahkan oleh Brian De Palma
It’s art and trash, just down the hall from one another. Laure gets away clean with the diamonds, while Brian De Palma gets away with transforming the typically alpha-male tropes of the heist movie into a softcore set piece for the ages.
November 19, 2018
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A bubbling cocktail of Double Indemnity meets To Catch a Thief meets Vertigo meets The Double Life of Véronique that kicks you in the head real good right at the first sip and is so smooth going down that, by the time you notice you’re drunk, it’s too late to care, and there goes willowy Rebecca Romijn, a nesting doll shedding an archetype.
September 15, 2016
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The near-wordless opening jewel heist postpones dialogue as long as possible, an ideal opening setpiece example of De Palma’s peculiar take on Pure Cinema, where camera movement is everything and plausibility or dramatic integrity a snide joke. When the self-penned dialogue kicks in it’s ripe cheese… The structurally ingenuous finale plays twice, a masterclass in tweaking Rube Goldberg variables as plotting; this is unabashedly virtuoso work with no undue claims on your heart or brain.
June 15, 2016
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