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Henry Gamble's Birthday Party

Diarahkan oleh Stephen Cone
Amerika Syarikat, 2015
Drama, LGBT+


Preacher’s kid Henry Gamble is turning 17 today. Bring your swimsuit.

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Henry Gamble's Birthday Party Diarahkan oleh Stephen Cone
Cone’s sharp eye for detail and attitude of empathetic humanism… felt especially relevant in the post-election conversations surrounding the discontents between the “two Americas” of religious rurality and secular urbanism. The more I spent time with Cone’s work generally and Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party specifically, however, the more his films seemed to speak to the challenge of how to confront the president’s corrupt bargain within the LGBTQ community.
May 16, 2017
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Cone doesn’t condescend while tracing the moment when faith becomes an obstacle to self-realization. And he’s still thrown a party, with lots of moments of group uplift and hilarity captured in elegantly framed widescreen by cinematographer Jason Chiu.
December 01, 2016
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Over the course of a single day-into-night bash, a drifting, curious, Altmanesque camera accommodates over a dozen distinguished characters, from the prepossessed but wide-eyed Henry (Cole Doman) to his late-blooming mother Kat (Elizabeth Laidlaw) to the uncommonly out Logan (Daniel Kyri). He also accomplishes a complexity of tone, sliding between comedy and drama, breezy teen pop and bitter pill parenthood.
January 08, 2016
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