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Hungry Soul, Part II

続 飢える魂 | Zoku Ueru Tamashii

Diarahkan oleh Yûzô Kawashima
Jepun, 1956
Drama, Cinta
Jepun Setelah Perang Dari Sudut Pandangan Yûzô Kawashima


Reiko, yang didera semasa berkahwin dengan seorang lelaki 23 tahun lebih tua darinya, adalah kawan kepada Mayumi, seorang janda cantik. Reko bertemu dengan pesaing perniagaan suaminya, usahawan berjaya dan telah jatuh cinta. Manakala Mayumi menjalin hubungan dengan Shimotsuma, rakan arwah suaminya.

Ulasan kami

Pengakhiran penuh emosi kepada melodrama Kawashima tentang dua wanita bergelut untuk menyintai kekasih dan membebaskan diri dari jangkaan sosial. Bolehkah seorang janda kepada dua remaja mencintai lelaki lain? Bolehkah seorang wanita bebas dari perkahwinan yang teruk? Portret menyayat hati 1950an.

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  • Jason's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    Proceeding through this remarkable MUBI Kawashima restrospective, I have more often thought of directors like Fritz Lang or even John Huston than I have Ozu or Naruse. The sequel to HUNGRY SOULS caused me the think of von Sternberg. A flash of poetic inspiration: a dialectic opposing polished marble & fire. Note the actresses: profoundly destabilizing emotional intensity filtered through a stoic economy of affect.

  • Eliane Silva's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    Kawashima transita bem pela diversidade de gêneros cinematográficos. Este filme nos deixa pensando como nos sujeitamos às convenções sociais. Tachibana amava com força, mas se deixou levar por hábitos antigos que o consumiram. Mayumi é uma mulher exemplar que aprende a amar e ser amada, mas não suporta o peso da liberdade. Reko ama e é amada, mas apenas aceita mudar de dominador e por isso vai amargar a decepção.

  • Pok's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    Es grotesco ver cómo los hombres tratan a las mujeres como posesiones, a veces incluso con la mejor de las intenciones. Lo peor es que, en ocasiones, incluso ellas mismas asumen ese papel al negarse la felicidad por la cual sus almas sienten hambre o incluso se autodestruyen con tal de seguir perteneciendo a un hombre. El final nos da un atisbo de falsa esperanza, lo cual hace peor el sentido de tragedia ineludible.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    Although this sequel begins with a dose of proceduralism, it gradually develops into an astute study on how powerful a person's habitus can be whether being shaped by family values, patriarchal conjugal roles or fatalistic morals about love and relationships. As the two women seem to progressively assume emancipation and reap its rewards, their conformist trajectories lead to a startlingly tragic and poignant climax.

  • sabunlekesi's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    Wrapping up two broken tales of love, this sequel reunites us with beautiful acting and wonderful city sequences- at times it felt like a film noir with the bewitching jazz guitar piece in the soundtrack which brought up the contrast. However, as visually enchanting as it was in Part I, I did find Part II to be less exciting and do feel that the story would stay deeper within me had I not seen the follow-up.

  • I.Camera's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    The two-part structure is a bit awkward (it would have worked better as a single film), but there is much to like in the finale to Kawashima's melodrama. The two women at its centre seek agency in their lives, but by the film's end remain trapped by societal expectations and men who (even when acting kindly) treat them largely as possessions. It's a simplistic plot filmed by a director of great depth and ability.

  • Gökçen's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    Maybe would not be wrong to say that 'Japanese Casablanca' for this. Traditional way of telling, presents well the female roles in the culture and the conjuncture of that time in Japan. Not spesific taste even though It is really good classic with suprise ending.

  • Kevin's rating of the film Hungry Soul, Part II

    Melodrama is so much fun. Considering the horror the US went thru in the 50s gray suit days, it feels like Japan avoided the milieu with films like this one, sorry I could not write about part 1. Old world vs. new world, with the old winning world winning in the end. Part 2 brings it home though in the most heart pulling way.

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