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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Diarahkan oleh Steven Spielberg
Amerika Syarikat, 2008
Aksi, Pengembaraan


Amid the Cold War, Indy faces a race against time to find the legendary Crystal Skull of Akator before the Soviets, who believe that the artifact can help them conquer the world.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Diarahkan oleh Steven Spielberg

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While some filmmakers can phone it in with a clear conscience, Spielberg’s level of investment is always easy to peg—although “personal” doesn’t always mean “good” (see: Hook)—and the attempt to rekindle Raiders’ central romance between Indy and Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood doesn’t quite spark.
January 07, 2019
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The franchise ripens into maturity—to the chagrin of some younger fans—in a more personal way, by having Indy come to terms with family at about the same time Spielberg was having his first grandchild. The feeling of settling in extends to the love interest: Marion and Indy’s “screwball” exchanges convey more middle-aged pal-ship than electricity, though apparently there is attraction enough to culminate in marriage.
January 03, 2017
The unholy mix of George Lucas’s colonialist nostalgia and Steven Spielberg’s fluency with action becomes more self-conscious in this fourth Indiana Jones outing… The character and plot contrivances are dumber than ever, but this is basically vaudeville, not narrative, and the thrills keep coming.
May 22, 2008
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