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Integration Report 1

Diarahkan oleh Madeline Anderson
Amerika Syarikat, 1960
Dokumentari, Pendek
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  • Bahasa Inggeris
Madeline Anderson: To the Front Lines


Incorporating footage by documentary legends Albert Maysles and Ricky Leacock, protest songs by Maya Angelou, and a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., Integration Report 1 examines the struggle for black equality in Alabama, Brooklyn and Washington, D.C.

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Starting our Madeline Anderson series is her essential debut film, a vital snapshot of the civil rights movement. Capturing the bubbling energy of the late 50s by tracking various forms of activism, the film is a great historical record and one of the pioneering political films of Direct Cinema.

Integration Report 1 Diarahkan oleh Madeline Anderson Tonton sekarang

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