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Diarahkan oleh Aminatou Echard
Perancis, 2018


Heroin kesusasteraan terkenal, Jamila, menjadi watak pilihan Aminatou Echard untuk mencetuskan perbualan dengan wanita di Kyrgyzstan dan mendapatkan akses ke dalam dunia mereka.

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Jamilia Diarahkan oleh Aminatou Echard

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  • Loz Loory's rating of the film Jamilia

    The landscape footage has a beautiful, painterly quality. Wish there were more information given about the historical time period surrounding the publication of Jamilia, as well as info about the author. Good to have the viewpoints of different generations of women and girls, though wonder how much of the final material is skewed toward approval from the West.

  • Sunil Chauhan's rating of the film Jamilia

    Lovely, spellbinding, but it becomes repetitive at 84 mins. Though these 1st person interviews are good, more dialectical diversity, political and social context and a wider variety of women from diff social strata or classes, or maybe just beefier stories, would have given it greater resonance. Visually though it's fantastic. A bit Andrew kotting .

  • Nigel's rating of the film Jamilia

    This film is most interesting to viewers if they have travelled to Kyrgyzstan and if they have read Jamilia which is a Soviet era love story classic about the country during WWII. It would have had more impact if it had not been so slow. Nonetheless it is a fascinating study of a country trying to find its new role after its independence and in particular women's roles now they are trying to become more emancipated.

  • sana.serkebaeva's rating of the film Jamilia

    Why.. just why? The film is pure appropriation of the culture and its people. The film could be done two centuries ago and would look exactly the same. Please stop giving platform for projects like that as they only bring negative representation. It would be better to give a platform to the local artists and filmmakers as they create much more interesting projects than this one.

  • Wesley Pereira de Castro's rating of the film Jamilia

    As intenções são inequivocamente boas e os depoimentos femininos são valiosos, mas há algo de suspeitoso no fato de este filme ter sido realizado por um homem. Nada que desautorize a luta, mas... Cria um desconforto identificacional, tamanha a violência de gênero descrita pelas entrevistadas, em que o maior lugar de medo e violência é o próprio lar. O desfecho feminista explicitamente militante foi primoroso!(WPC>)

  • LeStalker's rating of the film Jamilia

    Peinture impressionniste rythmée par les plans d'une femme qui avance d'un pas sûr dans des paysages du Kirghizistan, entre les vallons, les steppes et la forêt. Elle, et d'autres femmes, racontent leur indépendance, une distanciation rendue par le double enregistrement, la voix et l'image séparément, réunies au montage. Les chansons seules en son direct, narrant la légende de Djamilia.

  • Artyom Yakovlev's rating of the film Jamilia

    In this highly poetic, beautiful picture, the director selects and shows the women of different background, education and age to draw the picture of their position and significance in a deeply archaic, tradition- and religion-ridden society. She accompanies her portrayal of modern-day Kyrgyzstan by stunning images of the country’s beautiful landscape which seems to contrast the horror stories of the womens’ struggle.

  • Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Jamilia

    A documentary that looks at womanhood, traditions, and marriage, Jamilia is intimate and engrossing throughout. Personal stories range from dangerous to content, and the honesty from women who are not often represented onscreen pretty much rules out any extra criticism or judgements.