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Jellyfish Eyes

めめめのくらげ | Mememe No Kurage

Diarahkan oleh Takashi Murakami
Jepun, 2013
Fantasi, Komedi, Cereka Sains


In Japan, the small Masashi moves from one evacuation center to a small town. There you will discover that every child has the right to communicate with a fantastic creature, but these are being used in an evil plan to collect negative energy of children.

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Jellyfish Eyes Diarahkan oleh Takashi Murakami

Ulasan pengkritik

[Murakami’s] first feature, the deceptively playful Jellyfish Eyes (2013), emerges as a hybrid of Japanese popular entertainment and his overarching conceptual project. It doesn’t immediately look like an art movie—its surface form is a science-fiction action adventure for kids—but it positions Murakami as an artist-auteur with grand vision.
December 09, 2015
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Murakami has invested Jellyfish Eyes with the same sort of primal pop-art aesthetic that distinguishes much of his art. The cinematography is often a wonder of shiny fluorescent colors that ironically contrast with the characters’ melancholia, and the F.R.I.E.N.D.s are a triumph of tactile CGI because they’ve been designed to purposefully highlight the medium’s fakeness in a manner that suggests a fusion of conventional animation and stop-motion.
July 14, 2015
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Japanese artist Takashi Murakami directed and provided the story for this children’s fantasy, which recalls Takashi Miike’s entries in the genre (Zebraman, The Great Yokai War) in its wacky, free-form invention… The creatures—which range from a human-sized frog to a sprite with a big metal box for a head—provide a worthy showcase for Murakami’s prodigious visual imagination; not coincidentally, the principal theme is how imagination can play a constructive role in child development…
May 21, 2014
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