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Knives Out

Diarahkan oleh Rian Johnson
Amerika Syarikat, 2019
Jenayah, Misteri, Komedi


On the day after his 85th birthday party, a wealthy crime novelist is found dead. A famed detective is enlisted on the case and suspects foul play. Everyone is a suspect and as the investigation heats up, the money-grubbing family begins to be revealed as far more competitive than they first appear.

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Knives Out Diarahkan oleh Rian Johnson

Anugerah & Pesta

Academy Awards

2020 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Writing (Original Screenplay)

American Film Institute Awards

2020 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Movie of the Year

This whodunit is light entertainment at its finest, a surprising movie with an enjoyable sense of complication and a dream cast.
February 07, 2020
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Johnson’s own sleight of hand is estimable, even if his effort to add politics into the crowded mix rings hollow. The machine is what matters here, and he has clearly had such a good time engineering it that it’s hard not to feel bad when you don’t laugh along with him.
November 26, 2019
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It’s not a pastiche of Agatha Christie any more than, say, Bend of the River [Anthony Mann, 1952] is a pastiche of Western Union [Fritz Lang, 1941]. It does, however, rejuvenate the whodunnit in a manner akin to Ford’s Stagecoach’s 1939 modernization and modulation on the western.
November 24, 2019
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