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Le garçu

Diarahkan oleh Maurice Pialat
Perancis, 1995


A tale about a successful, professional with an ex-wife, wife, and current mistress all in uneasy orbit. But most of his emotional life and energy is lavished on Antoine, his 4-year-old son by his current wife Sophie, with whom is incapable of achieving a kind of bond he desperately craves.

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Le garçu Diarahkan oleh Maurice Pialat

Ulasan pengkritik

With his uncommon sense of intimacy and ability to keenly negotiate the nuances of human behavior, Pialat unfolds an unassumingly devastating tale of misplaced passions. The film’s final image, a moment of tear-stained resignation to an impossible plight, is as stirring an artistic encapsulation as any, and one last poignant flourish in a career defined by them.
October 14, 2015
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