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Le révélateur

Diarahkan oleh Philippe Garrel
Perancis, 1968
Drama, Avant-Garde
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Philippe Garrel: Fight for Eternity


In the words of Bernadette Lafont, who stars in the film with Laurent Terzieff, “a couple and their child flee in the face of an unknown but still considerable menace… In a desolate landscape, full of humidity and humiliation, we see the weakest of beings stage his revolt: a child.”

Ulasan kami

In astonishingly beautiful B&W, Philippe Garrel’s silent experimental narrative film was made in his 20s with the ferocious Zanzibar art collective. Shot near military camps in Germany, to create a feeling of oppression, it is a primal response to the events of May ’68 as they were still unfolding.

Le révélateur Diarahkan oleh Philippe Garrel

Ulasan pengkritik

An early work such as Le révélateur (1968) unfolds like a dream, a silent black-and-white vision whose disaffection and rebellion perfectly encapsulates the mood of ’68.
September 15, 2015
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