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Nilai & Ulasan

  1. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Lincoln

    Great collective effort, but the film doesn't excite me too much, 7/10 my review:

  2. doublelife91's rating of the film Lincoln

    Spielberg's best film since Munich.

  3. Marcelo Baldin's rating of the film Lincoln

    Some people try to be achieve what Lincoln has done, but they aren't up for his standards. Daniel Day-Lewis embraced the peaceful charisma and wisdom of this amazing person. May be accurate, may be not. Doesn't matter. I left the screening room with a placid smile.

  4. spacemonkeymax's rating of the film Lincoln

  5. Raquel Pinheiro's rating of the film Lincoln

    Dull and monochordic are what is two be said of Lincoln.

  6. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film Lincoln

    Una prima parte troppo verbosa che affossa il ritmo ed è quasi una lezione di storia raccontata da un insegnante svogliato. Una seconda parte che si riprende ma non riscatta del tutto la burocrazia che affoga l'acume dei dialoghi. Messa in scena perfetta, regia pulita ma non virtuosa. Day-Lewis è bravissimo ma mortificato da un doppiaggio italiano che lo rende una macchietta. *** e 1/2

  7. doltcrow's rating of the film Lincoln

    It is clearly not the best a movie can provide to viewers. Felt boring and kind of fell asleep in certain parts. Mostly it got me for clarifying the meaning of "learn it from history". Politics is - always have and always will - an outstanding game of cards.

  8. ecstatic truth's rating of the film Lincoln

    Not exactly great cinema is it, if we're talking about a visual medium. A serviceable history lesson but far from exhilarating.

  9. Violeta Ayala's rating of the film Lincoln

    Boring...fall asleep half and hour into the film!!!

  10. Cajó's rating of the film Lincoln

    The best parts of the film is when they get Daniel Day-Lewis on screen, alone, giving us gorgeous quotes. Apart from that, it is so boring! It is a good movie if you're a lover of the American Civil-War act... but its just creepy for those who are not

  11. Peter Rinaldi's rating of the film Lincoln

    Rarely have I witnessed such a separation of text and performance. It is so tiring. The best moments are with Lincoln alone, talking. In short, it shifts mostly between boring and excruciating.

  12. Manuel Bernardo's rating of the film Lincoln

    Completely bland movie, despite Day-Lewis' best efforts. The filmmakers deserve credit for not turning it into a collage of big-life-events, as biopics are wont to; otherwise it remains as tiresome, didactic and elegiac as expectable. A few sober points on the inner workings of politics are marred by Spielberg's flare for sentimental hokum. Perfect for classrooms: it can be used either for learning or punishment.

  13. Vandad's rating of the film Lincoln

    Some terrific acting, the Congress scenes are actually a lot of fun, but the pacing kills it for me. And Sally Field. Ugh.

  14. Ardhi Syaifuddin's rating of the film Lincoln

    It's a toned down Spielberg, although I can do without the tiresome John Williams score. Probably will rate higher if I'm an American.

  15. lauli's rating of the film Lincoln

    Didn't like this at all. It's too slow, grandiose, cliched, that stupid sentimental music getting played all the time. Yeah, the cinematography is excellent (we expect that from Spielberg) but the script seems out of a text book. Not even Daniel Day Lewis could convince me, and it's probably the first time that's happened.

  16. Drew Kelly's rating of the film Lincoln

    This film insipired in me so much sensitivity, selflessness, and kindness. I hope I can live up to these feelings. See the review for more.

  17. Kirby's rating of the film Lincoln

    Slow beginning, but once it picks up steam, it becomes very engaging. Beautifully shot, written, and performed.

  18. Kasey's rating of the film Lincoln

    Brought back flashbacks of AP US history.

  19. Anna's rating of the film Lincoln

  20. Charles Coleman's rating of the film Lincoln

    4 and half stars. Great, powerful drama with excellent performances all-around, and a lot more funnier than you'd think this film would be. Half a star taken off for the John Williams score getting in the way of the moment at times. A really effective procedural that harkens back to the best of the political films from the late 50's and early 60's.

  21. Landen Celano's rating of the film Lincoln

    This feels like a great film that suffers from a lack of purpose.

  22. HenriqueA's rating of the film Lincoln

    Great history class, overlong movie, bunch of interesting actors doing four or five lines. It is not bad but it also ain't that great.

  23. comeandsee's rating of the film Lincoln

    Beat all my expectations easily. Daniel Day Lewis is out of this world, he never gives bad performances but this is something else. He has the gravity, the power, the quietly spoken wisdom, he at once seems to become the man and something more magical. I think the narrative holds emotion, it holds a beautiful education within the movie, and it feels like so much more than a biopic. Truly masterful.

  24. rrrno's rating of the film Lincoln

    A la primera media hora, ya estaba contando los minutos para que terminara