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Lost and Love

失孤 | Shi Gu

Diarahkan oleh Peng Sanyuan
China, Hong Kong, 2015
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After his young son goes missing, a farmer goes on a 15-year search for the truth. In this road drama, Anhui meets Zhang Shuai, a car mechanic who was once abducted and is searching for his parents. Together, the two men go on a journey to find their stolen lives.

Ulasan kami

A gorgeous debut, Peng Sanyuan’s film tackles the issue of child-abduction in China with refined performances from Jing Boran and Hong Kong star Andy Lau. Their quest takes them across the country’s stunningly diverse landscapes in order to find their missing family members.

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Anugerah & Pesta

Hong Kong Film Awards

2016 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Actor

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  • Jim's rating of the film Lost and Love

    Pro: Superb cinematography and locations. Picturesque countrysides, bustling cities, and imposing infrastructure- a visual tour through the scope and contrasts of modern China. Con: Script and score are shamelessly sentimental, like Hallmark Channel bad, which ultimately trivializes the film's grave subject matter. A promising, if unsophisticated, debut. Worth watching if you're interested in the region.

  • Kailey Lechner's rating of the film Lost and Love

    Lost and Love is heart-punching and a tearjerker. The actors/actresses were astonishing with their ability to portray emotions of grieving parents. Very beautiful cinematography, and a good message that shows the truth of China’s human-trafficking. It is the worst feeling any person can go through, and Lost and Love showed the horrors of it all.

  • Chersea's rating of the film Lost and Love

    Loved this movie. So sad. A subject matter seldom explored. I haven’t been to China so it was fun to see what it’s like. I thought it was very well done and sensitive. Seemed like communism didn’t exist there.

  • Joseph Fairbanks's rating of the film Lost and Love

    This movie definitely caught my eye with a horrifying yet thrilling scare of a man losing his 2 year old child and the fourteen year long journey or quest he embarks on to find his child. But I was not to excited or into this movie to be honest. It seems kind of bleak and it seems almost clumsy at times. It did have good potential in regards to the movie plot of the kidnapping but I feel it was sort of confusing.

  • Han's rating of the film Lost and Love

    The film sheds some light on China's human trafficking problems, especially dealing with children. The movie follows the story of a man who spends 14 years searching for his child, while crossing path with another man in the same scenario. Its pacing is a little awkward, the cinematography is pretty well done, it has its up and down points. But still a very solid movie. Needs some improvement, but overall, recommend.

  • pbouchard77's rating of the film Lost and Love

    A buddy buddy movie to showcase a meaningful social situation. Unfortunately it remains stuck into the traps of the conventions of the genre.

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