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Lyrical Nitrate

Lyrisch nitraat

Diarahkan oleh Peter Delpeut
Belanda, 1991


This film is a compilation of scenes from silent films made between 1905 and 1915 that sat in storage in an Amsterdam cinema for many years. The title refers to the deteriorating nitrate film stock used in these films.

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Lyrical Nitrate Diarahkan oleh Peter Delpeut

Ulasan pengkritik

I realize it sounds strange to put it this way, but the special pleasures to be found in Lyrical Nitrate are closely related to the voyeuristic appeal of pornography, specifically old-fashioned stag reels. The experience of watching these fragments is, like the fragments themselves, fleeting and therefore tantalizing, suggestive and therefore provocative -– and far off the beaten track of what’s supposed to be viewer friendly in our culture.
August 06, 1993
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