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Diarahkan oleh Roberto Gavaldón
Mexico, 1960
Drama, Fantasi


Poor, hungry peasant Macario longs for just one good meal on the Day of the Dead.

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Macario Diarahkan oleh Roberto Gavaldón

Anugerah & Pesta

Academy Awards

1961 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Foreign Language Film

San Francisco International Film Festival

1960 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Actor

Ulasan pengkritik

The neo-realist approach of Gavaldón’s cinema is bleak, but his later work, as is the case with Macario, is inflected with the poignant richness of Mexican spirituality, particularly its proximity to death.
April 25, 2019
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Macario is cinematically stunning, richly profound, funny, alarming, and ultimately heartbreaking. One of the greatest arthouse movies that most arthouse lovers have never heard of.
June 25, 2015
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