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Diarahkan oleh Jean Grémillon
Perancis, 1928
Drama, Cinta


Maldone is a canal worker, happy with his life after running away from his family estate. He falls in love with Zita, a young gypsy girl, during a local fete. However, after his brother dies, Maldone is called back to manage the estate.

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Maldone Diarahkan oleh Jean Grémillon

Ulasan pengkritik

Through double exposures, [Maldone’s] divided self appears on screen, the wagoner tormenting the lord trapped in “the prison of contentment.” The increasingly experimental style of the film—with blurry handheld subjective camera and rapid editing—tracks Maldone’s mental unraveling.
November 18, 2014
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It’s a thrillingly inventive film, deeply marked by its French impressionist moment, that puts an arsenal of effects to work: startling compositions and changes in shot scale, free cutting, expressive camera movement (including hand-held), unexpected super-impositions, and so on. Grémillon achieves a musical dynamism by modulating between passages of contrasting rhythm.
July 11, 2012
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