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Diarahkan oleh Jacques Rivette
Perancis, 1981
Drama, Jenayah
  • Bahasa Inggeris
  • Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Perancis


Elizabeth sends telegrams to her old boyfriend Ben in New York and to her younger sister Leo in Rome to join her in Paris, where she is selling her dead father’s estate. When Ben and Leo arrive, no one turns up, and a mysterious adventure begins.

Ulasan kami

This unusual film from Jacques Rivette is generally considered a failure—but what a failure it is! Two 1970s greats—Maria Schneider and Joe Dallesandro—collide in a bewildering, free-wheeling experimental drama that sent the director into a breakdown and left the film unjustly unreleased for years.

Merry-Go-Round Diarahkan oleh Jacques Rivette

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