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Diarahkan oleh Philippe Grandrieux
Perancis, 2015


Meurtrière is the second movement of a triptych by Philippe Grandrieux whose common thread is anxiety. This performance of four women dancers is the follow-up to White Epilepsy. The theme of Meurtrière is “Das Ding”. For Grandrieux, “it is on the edge of what can be shown and seen.”

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Meurtrière Diarahkan oleh Philippe Grandrieux

Ulasan pengkritik

Grandrieux—a French filmmaker who specializes in writhing bodies and crepuscular light (and who is currently serving as a visiting professor at Harvard)—has crafted a work of exquisite disquiet, a dread-drenched provocation that’s worth the wading through.
January 22, 2016
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Watching Meurtrière, I was reminded of the “Beautiful Agony” series of porn videos (produced in France, of course), which focus only on the faces of their subjects—mostly women, but sometimes men—as they masturbate to orgasm… But then, these videos are nothing if not “narrative,” and blatantly instrumentalist to boot. Grandrieux’s film, with its slow fades and ambiguous forms, abstracts these liminal bodies, offering them as glimpses of arousal within an overall field of aesthetic maneuvering.
January 20, 2016
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