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Nilai & Ulasan

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Mila Caos

    Excellent short looking at a young drag artist who wants more than anything to have his mother come see his show and accept him. Paetau seems to have a real feel for the material adapting a good script by Fabian suarez. Yaniel Castillo quite effective in lead role. The mother's solitary watch of her son's performance quite affecting.

  2. Timothy Phillips's rating of the film Mila Caos

    This film does actually have subtitles - in English.

  3. Shelly Hatlestad's rating of the film Mila Caos

    Oh mothers and sons. She loves him, but not in the way that he needs. "It interests me more to exist than to dream."

  4. Nuno André Silva's rating of the film Mila Caos

    one more star for the photography, there are really good stills and it's well executed, a good cinematographic sense here.

  5. Jordany's rating of the film Mila Caos

    Waiting in this short is really beautiful, in metaphorical and poetic ways.