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Night and Day

Nuit et jour

Diarahkan oleh Chantal Akerman
Belgium, Switzerland, 1991


Jack and Julie live in a bare flat in Paris. At night, Jack drives a taxi while Julie wanders around the city, and in the day they make love. One day Julie meets Joseph, the daytime driver of the taxi, and soon Julie is spending her nights with Joseph and her days with Jack.

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Night and Day Diarahkan oleh Chantal Akerman

Ulasan pengkritik

…The film barely exploits either the melodrama or the suspense inherent in such a plot; it is, above all, an ambient, atmospheric film – luxuriating in the atmosphere of emotions, free (like in Agnès Varda’s Le bonheur, 1965) of any moral guilt or remorse on Julie’s part.
November 05, 2015
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In Night and Day, insomnia seems a kind of precondition for utopian romance — a sentiment expressed at the very outset by Jack and Julie as they lie together in bed: “Are you sleeping?” “No. Are you?” “No.” “You and I never sleep.” “Never when we are together.” “We like movement better.” “Yes, it’s true.” “When I sleep, I don’t live.” “Neither do I.” “Right now, I prefer living.” "So do I.
March 26, 1993
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