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Weimar Germany
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Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie des Grauens

Diarahkan oleh F.W. Murnau
Jerman, 1922
Seram, Senyap, Fantasi
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Weimar Germany


Count Orlok decides to move from his ruined castle to the city of Wisborg and hires real estate agent Thomas Hutte to make the arrangements for him. But Orlok is also the vampire Nosferatu and when he takes a shine to Hutter’s young wife Ellen, it seems that the worst is indeed possible.

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You don’t need sound to be terrified. Off-brand at the time (thus, Nosferatu and not Dracula), F.W. Murnau’s Expressionist masterpiece is now iconic horror. Its spare medieval atmosphere and Max Schreck’s iconic, otherworldly vampire seems to get increasingly eerie and disturbing as the film ages.

Nosferatu Diarahkan oleh F.W. Murnau Tonton sekarang
A singular example of plein-air cinema, achieving many eerie effects through the evocative use of location as well as camera placement.
May 18, 2020
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The quality of mobile architecture is what Éric Rohmer set out to grasp in his 1972 doctoral thesis devoted to ‘The Organisation of Space in Murnau’s Faust.’ But when we take another look at the classic Nosferatu (1922) today, what we are more likely to notice is the further elaboration the German director added through his mastery of editing—and his virtual invention of what critic-teacher-filmmaker Jean-André Fieschi (1942-2009) dubbed ‘poetic montage.’
November 07, 2016
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The key elements are all Murnau’s own: the eerie intrusions of expressionist style on natural settings, the strong sexual subtext, and the daring use of fast-motion and negative photography.
January 01, 1975
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