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Nilai & Ulasan

  1. bodinski's rating of the film Oldboy

    you can choose your lovers, but you cant choose your family..right?

  2. JamieM's rating of the film Oldboy

    A heavily stylish, exhilarating and shocking revenge driven thriller that left my head spinning from all the action and monumental twists. Chan-wook's creative direction paired with the vibrantly vivid cinematography leaves a huge impression, as does Choi Min-sik's suitably off the rails performance.

  3. Jim's rating of the film Oldboy

    The centrepiece of Park Chan-wook's revenge trilogy, and the one that made him reknowned internationally. This film is as driven as its central character, it never lets up, either in action or in the never-ending series of twists, turns and revelations. Rightly praised, but for me it still doesn't quite match its predecessor.

  4. Jakke's rating of the film Oldboy

    Tarantino could only dream of making a film half as good as Oldboy. One of the true classics of the genre, and surely a film that will be enjoyed as much by anybody at any time.

  5. Bethany Chamberlain's rating of the film Oldboy

    This is weird and really fucked up, but I liked it

  6. DanielSpeight's rating of the film Oldboy

  7. ronangoron's rating of the film Oldboy

    Through effortlessly stylish cinematography, editing, and choreography, Chan-Wook constructs a constantly thrilling and engaging story of revenge. The OTT style of the film is admirable - the dramatic narrative twists/violence is so relentless that this cinematic environment seems almost as claustrophobic and hopeless as Dae-su's 15-year imprisonment. It's a classic tale dressed in lush, thoughtful mise-en-scene.

  8. Samuel Taylor's rating of the film Oldboy

  9. Will's rating of the film Oldboy

    Pretty fucked up but super cool

  10. edsalkeld's rating of the film Oldboy

    If you're in the mood for weird and violent, this will fit the bill.

  11. Adam's rating of the film Oldboy

    An unmitigated classic. You'll be hard pressed to see anything quite like this visceral film. Just don't watch the American version first, this original cannot be replicated.

  12. Natalya Walker's rating of the film Oldboy

    Oldboy evokes a reverential sense of awe. The grotesque marriage of love and vengeance makes for an unsettlingly beautiful film as Park Chan-Wook managed to glue eyes distressfully to the screen. The chains that held me to my seat tightened as my heart broke and though this is the most pretentious sounding thing I have written, I do not care as basically it was fucking mint. No words left... my tongue is but a tool.

  13. Cherrymoon's rating of the film Oldboy

  14. The Cinematic Mind's rating of the film Oldboy

  15. Alethea's rating of the film Oldboy

  16. Toni's rating of the film Oldboy

  17. Truemper's rating of the film Oldboy

    A dark uncomfortable epic of storytelling. Gorgeous. Expert film making.

  18. Jose Manuel S's rating of the film Oldboy

    A fantastic dreamlike Neo-noir nightmare!

  19. cpov105's rating of the film Oldboy

    A film that sets you in the confused world of its protagonist and makes you feel his every moment from rage, regret, and love. All of this topped off with one of the most memorable endings in all of cinema.

  20. spamkonto's rating of the film Oldboy

    A truly entertaining masterpiece in every essence of the meaning. I wish western cinema would pay more attention to the east. No matter how many times I re-watch this movie the twist always gets me.

  21. Weverton Aguiar da Silva's rating of the film Oldboy

    'Oldboy' bebe muito dos filmes noir e surrealistas. O bom filme fica na sua cabeça, e é muito difícil tirar 'oldboy' dos seus pensamentos.

  22. gaaayeon's rating of the film Oldboy

    one of my all time favourites

  23. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Oldboy

    Min-Sik's performance as someone who's madness and rage is the only thing that keeps him alive and the little sanity he has left is slowly slipping into obscurity, the film's tale of revenge is so good that his acting can be overlooked just on how good Chan-Wook directs this were he's mastered his craft on shooting and pacing a film now, the hammer fight, the conclusion, the moments he's added has eclipsed the Manga.

  24. Nadia!'s rating of the film Oldboy

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