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Our Town

わが町 | Waga Machi

Diarahkan oleh Yûzô Kawashima
Jepun, 1956


Setelah berkhidmat di Filipina, seorang lelaki pulang ke rumah menaiki beca tanpa membawa bagasi. Zaman Meiji sudah tamat dan keadaan politik banyak berubah. Dia menjumpai anak perempuan yang sudah berumur 4 tahun buat kali pertama dan dia cuba sedaya upaya untuk membaiki hubungan dengan keluarga.

Our Town Diarahkan oleh Yûzô Kawashima

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  • patrick chen's rating of the film Our Town

    A Beautiful little film about principle, believes, and what drives a man. Something that is often overlooked in the modern world. Very economical story telling but making a strong impact. Really enjoyed it.

  • Gabriel Vasto Laurindo De Masi's rating of the film Our Town

    Kawashima explores in a vivid way the clash of generations, showing us the danger of imposing an old moral code to a new generation. Contrasting the "hard work" philosophy of early 20s with the more "carpe diem" idea that started to grow in the post-war scenario, Kawashima also denounces the patriarchal culture of his country, which affects both men and women. "Our Town" is among his most beautiful pieces, for sure.

  • Tom's rating of the film Our Town

    A charming film about a very stubborn man in a rapidly changing world. A reflection on the Japanese psyche, beautifully shot, great performances and ultimately very moving.

  • Eliane Silva's rating of the film Our Town

    O confronto entre a ascensão de uma nova era na superação de outra, é o ponto central deste filme. Entre aulas de história e de princípios morais em decadência, diretor e brilhantes atores vão mostrando a vida humilde do “Beco Kappa” e os afetos sinceros entre as pessoas que sustentam a ideia de que o novo supera o velho, mas não precisa subjugá-lo. Merece destaque a interpretação do ator Ryutaro Tatsumi.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Our Town

    The film's nobility stems from its formal clarity, moral integrity, social acuity: A treatise on alienated labor's effects on the body (trapped in the ideology of work as duty), the film's scope extends to a society's obsession with national pride, even after humiliation. Yet Kawashima's elegant direction, gentle visual metaphors and subtle characters mediate human fallibility with a redemptive will to regain life...

  • Jason's rating of the film Our Town

    Kawashima's OUR TOWN caused me to reflect upon Márquez's THE AUTUMN OF THE PATRIARCH, the 1975 novel's title alone expressing so much of what is going on both in OUR TOWN and Kawashima's cinema more generally. There can be no mistaking that we are dealing w/ an emergent internationalist context (foregrounded by aesthetics), but history retains its tendency to rise back to the surface of both the society and the man.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Our Town

    PC. It is always very clever how the ellipses and scenes are sequenced in this filmmaker's films. Here, generations are continued, repeating themselves, and essential deaths are left off the image. Clarity is its main virtue.

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film Our Town

    Clash of generations, Japan of the 1950s facing the post-war turmoil and rapidly changing life vs the traditional believes and values - all of this (and possibly more) portrayed as a life of a stubborn rickshaw driver, whose strict character and loyalty to his believes causes suffering around him, affecting whole generations. Well shot and acted. It's amazing how generation change is contained here within 98 minutes.

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