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Diarahkan oleh Gus Van Sant
Amerika Syarikat, 1998
Seram, Seram


A remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic. Hoping for a fresh start with her broke boyfriend, Marion steals a huge sum from her boss and skips town, eventually stopping at a motel. There, she’s served by the awkward yet docile Norman Bates, whom she often hears arguing with his domineering mother.

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Psycho Diarahkan oleh Gus Van Sant

Anugerah & Pesta

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards

1998 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Supporting Actor



Ulasan pengkritik

If Van Sant’s certified copy has a point, it’s rooted in a theory of dissonance—playing the notes a bit off-key to see if they still carry a tune. They don’t, but that’s not a totally bad thing. It all amounts to an interestingly glitchy, self-consciously millennial experiment in auteurist homage.
July 13, 2018
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This “tribute” to Hitchcock’s original is a nimble balancing act of the original film’s story and style against both the contemporary American landscape in which it is reset and the almost forty years of history that have seen Hitch’s Psycho become a touchstone.
January 01, 2005
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Ms. Heche, along with Julianne Moore as her no-nonsense sister and William H. Macy as the detective, is one of the players here who speak Joseph Stefano’s dialogue as if it were brand-new and who successfully recreate their characters in present-day terms.
December 05, 1998
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