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Nilai & Ulasan

  1. Michel's rating of the film Queen & Slim

  2. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    BLACK SKINS MATTER. A story as simple as BREATHLESS. The deeper you get into the film, the more it's a treat. Music, neon lights, sweat, cars & an itchy bitchy antelope named J. TURNER-SMITH === Une histoire simple comme A BOUT DE SOUFFLE. Plus on s'enfonce dans le film plus c'est un régal. La musique, les néons, la sueur, les bagnoles et la peau chaude de cette antilope qui dérange & qui démange, Jodie TURNER-SMITH.

  3. orangey's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    an important topic that just be treated in a film less in love with itself than this

  4. B.'s rating of the film Queen & Slim

    This is not good. Script is heavy-handed, character dev. inconsistent. Racial injustice serves as a backdrop for this romance, but it's too big a backdrop to be treated as superficially as the film does. In this regard the film is actually horrible (#Defundlenawaithe). Good music. Solid directorial debut from Matsoukas. Watchable.

  5. BB's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    0.5 - Empty, hollow and tuneless.

  6. bygmesterfinnagain's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    Enjoyed this a lot. A road movie that doesn't have large letters spelling out every damn city each time they go to a new place - and I appreciated that. Charming, tragic chemistry between 2 lonely black americans. Music video-y but that's not a bad thing - the cut could have been tighter. Liked nearly everything they put in here.

  7. Maoolina Fajrini's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    the scene was so real and Daniel Kaluuya was lit

  8. Tiago Cardoso's rating of the film Queen & Slim

  9. Stein Ove Lien's rating of the film Queen & Slim

  10. Arthur Machado's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    One of the best films to come out of America in the recent years. Innovative narrative, curious and impactful characters and a roadtrip around America. It's not too bold but it does leave a mark on the realistic world it presents. The clash between police and society that the story deals with does not overcome in importance the romantic journey of the two protagonists, which adds beauty to the film.

  11. Harriehhh's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    At its peak, ‘Queen & Slim’ portrays its protagonists with such unflinching heart and soul as to feel the bullet hit. Yet the narrative is often plagued by overindulgent asides, which feel more inconsequential and frustrating than as humanising counterpoints to its primary agenda

  12. dani's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    só não é 5 estrelas pq fiquei trsite demais trilha sonora perfeita

  13. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    It’s an uneven, if watchable, lovers-on-the-lam film.

  14. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    The first act is incendiary, packed with impending dread & an air of paranoia, with political commentary reflective of current conversations around BLM. It unravels shortly after, muddying the waters of its politics & indulging in too many implausible asides. The characters become vapid, thinly sketched symbols before being reduced to slogans on a T-shirt, but ultimately, like the film itself, they stand for nothing.

  15. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    Wanted to like this a lot more but I found it way too long, trying too hard to be visually cool and suffering from nonsensical character choices to drive the story. Great, highly relevant subject matter over-baked. 2.5 stars

  16. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    It's beautifully shot and the leads do alright with what they have, but it is so shonkily written that this can't save the film. None of the decisions are believable and there are absurd detours seemingly for no other reason than an aesthetic shot. Tho tunes are great which helps.

  17. babycakesromero's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    BLM meets Bonnie & Clyde. A protest message hidden in a romantic lovers on the run story = its strength is it whispers when others would shout, it caresses rather than punches, glides rather than smashes.

  18. Ryan's rating of the film Queen & Slim

  19. HenriqueA's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    This film is imperfect and very frustrating. But all its imperfections and frustrating elements are rooted in the confusing and often nonsensical reality we live in. Because none of this makes sense but keeps happening all the time. Suspension of Disbelief is kind of over at this point. Matsoukas has assembled wonderful cinematography, nuanced acting, and a complex study of wrongs and rights. Overlong but beautiful.

  20. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    The versatile Lena Waithe crafted a complex script around on another case of police brutality. But the premise is other than 'another victim in the black community'. Now that cop with itchy trigger fingers in the first place gets to be shot dead and the story goes wild... The storytelling is very gripping and i was continuously moved by how those two distinct characters interacted in that on the run situation. 8.25

  21. mpho3's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    Stylish, timely, and ultimately a little disappointing. Q&S is a crime movie, though we quickly understand that our protagonists are viewed as perps or victims, heroes or villains, depending on pov. It's also a road film but romancer is Q&S's guiding principle and that's what disappoints. I felt the middle of the film deserved to be something better than an extended albeit sumptuous music video. 3.5 stars

  22. Elias Carella's rating of the film Queen & Slim

    2.5 Unconvincing, virtue signaling and all over the place. Pushing too hard on the woke factor, seems to be running out of ideas pretty quickly and conceptually weak. beautiful 35mm photography but not enough to convince. Watchable.

  23. tommy cruise's rating of the film Queen & Slim

  24. duncan's rating of the film Queen & Slim