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Red Heat

Diarahkan oleh Walter Hill
Amerika Syarikat, 1988
Aksi, Seram


A highly disciplined Russian detective and a fearless, but undisciplined Chicago cop are one mismatched team hot on the trail of Russia’s deadliest drug smuggler throughout the mean streets of Chicago.

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Red Heat Diarahkan oleh Walter Hill

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It’s hard to avoid feeling that the film would have worked better with Danko flying solo. Belushi’s investment into Ridzik isn’t particularly deep; the rubber-cheeked wiseguy drew me further out of Red Heat as a story, and closer to Red Heat as an archetypal ‘80s buddy comedy. That said, the hints of racism and danger that charged Murphy and Nolte’s frenemies in 48 Hrs. finds no analogue in the matchup of Belushi’s schlub and Schwarzenegger’s ramrod straightman.
June 14, 2013
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…Red Heat is as schematically structured around this principle as Big Business is. The key difference is Red Heat’s somewhat more subtle ideological agenda: an attempt to counterbalance the usual right-wing elements of the police thriller and the Schwarzenegger action film with a relatively pro-Soviet bias.
June 17, 1988
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