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Stormy Waters

Diarahkan oleh Jean Grémillon
Perancis, 1941
Drama, Cinta, Aksi


Andre Laurent, the captain of a tugboat, married Yvonne ten years ago. She has a heart disease but does not want to tell him. She dreams he quits the job for they can live quietly. One night, during a sea rescue, he meets Catherine. She wants to leave her husband, the captain of the rescued ship.

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Remorques Diarahkan oleh Jean Grémillon
With a sharper realism and more mature complexity than Carné’s sublime romantic work, this is the film that most perfectly balances Grémillon’s lyrical style, his expressive use of sound and documentary-like focus on work and environment, with the best elements of commercial movies—an involving melodrama and richly drawn characters.
November 18, 2014
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Remorques deserves its frequent designation as poetic realism, a beautiful term that signals the way this director gave his best movies the depth, emotions and cadences of poetry.
September 11, 2012
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As Grémillon’s characters often discover, freedom is only an illusion in “Remorques.” It is, after all, Gabin’s job to bring those adrift back to shore, and the film concludes with an extraordinarily protracted expression of grief and loss: a montage of sea and storm imagery set to a powerful funeral cantata by the film’s composer, Alexis Roland-Manuel.
July 27, 2012
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