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Road House

Diarahkan oleh Rowdy Herrington
Amerika Syarikat, 1989
Aksi, Drama, Cinta


Dalton is the Cooler in bars; He backs up and directs the bouncers. He takes a job in a Road House that has gotten far too rough. His attempts to clean things up put him in conflict with Brad Wesley, the town bully and rich person. Things heat up.

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Road House Diarahkan oleh Rowdy Herrington

Ulasan pengkritik

As director, Harrington’s contribution is much like Dalton’s: the cooler who tries to tamp down Silver’s most boorish, pandering impulses. But he wasn’t shy about heaping on the brutality and titillation. . . . This pastiche is all about embracing the contradictory. Dead serious yet patently harebrained, Road House can be read as an outlandishly populist version of the Coen Brothers aesthetic.
September 28, 2016
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