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Satan's Rhapsody

Rapsodia satanica

Diarahkan oleh Nino Oxilia
Itali, 1915
Senyap, Pendek, Drama


Old Countess Alba d’Oltrevita, nostalgically envying her past years, makes a Faustian deal with the devil: she gives up love to have her youthful beauty back forever.

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Satan's Rhapsody Diarahkan oleh Nino Oxilia

Ulasan pengkritik

As David Bordwell observes, some of this trancelike wandering in cavernous interiors, with mirror-multiplication of characters, anticipates Citizen Kane’s Xanadu: but it continues much longer, a sustained wallow in dreamy aesthetics and languid, romantic angst.
July 09, 2015
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I first saw Rapsodia Satanica some years back during a Brussels visit. I liked it fine, but seeing it with tinting and hand-coloring, on the big Comunale screen, with a live orchestra convinced me that it really needs its score. The plot is thin, but with the music throbbing along with its heroine’s seductive pirouettes and mournful drifting, the whole thing makes powerful cinema.
July 05, 2015
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