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Diarahkan oleh Naomi Kawase
Jepun, 2003


The Aso, a family of four, live in the old town of Nara. On the day of the Jizo Festival in the dizzying heat of midsummer, Kei, one of the Aso’s twin boys suddenly disappears, as if he had been spirited away…

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Shara Diarahkan oleh Naomi Kawase

Ulasan pengkritik

This elliptical tale of loss and rebirth falls into the emerging genre of poetic infanticide movies dotting the art-film landscape (including Lynne Ramsay’s Ratcatcher 2000 and Thomas de Thier’s Feathers in my Head 2003), but the freshness and exhilaration of Kawase’s visuals is undeniable.
February 01, 2004
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A very intimate sort of domestic drama that is built out of subtle moments whose significance can be easy to miss. Those long-suppressed emotions stay largely below the surface until it comes time for the local cultural festival, where Yu dances with her troupe in a sequence that is astonishing for its vitality. The ensuing riot of colour and music give Kawase’s film a much-needed jolt.
September 04, 2003
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