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Side Effects

Diarahkan oleh Steven Soderbergh
Amerika Syarikat, 2013
Jenayah, Drama, Seram


Emily and Martin, a successful New York couple, have their world turned upside down when a new drug intended to treat Emily’s anxiety, prescribed by her psychiatrist, has unexpected side effects.

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Side Effects Diarahkan oleh Steven Soderbergh
In [what Bordwell calls Crazy Lady plots], the woman is the mystery. What is wrong with her? Why do her problems have such horrible consequences for her and others? Often the woman displays an abnormal division in her mind: the prospect of a split personality is never far off. The key factor is that her behavior is inconsistent.
March 24, 2013
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In applying [Soderbergh] himself to the task of a story whose centre of gravity proves elusive, some of the same issues that cropped up in the restless ensemble approach of Contagion come to the fore again. The craft is impeccable, yet these carefully modulated frames never quite add up to a through-line of emotional empathy. A certain niggling distance remains…
March 08, 2013
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Taking little glee in his film’s ultimately tawdry transgressions and evincing none of Lang’s grimly acidulous pleasure at the spectacle of avaricious human nature remorselessly exposed, Soderbergh in Side Effects is so angry that he not only loses sight of his target, but finally loses his grip on that pleasurable efficiency which had come to be his films’ lowest common denominator.
February 12, 2013
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  • Ostermyers's rating of the film Side Effects

    It's like a postmodern De palma. A deep dark dream about desire. There is also a void which is so huge and obscure that nobody can't escape even if it seems like. So sleepy, so fake that becomes real, so empty, as in our reality.

  • saiths's rating of the film Side Effects

    this was thrilling as hell. this wasn't a film about depression or anxiety but about mind games and that's exactly what the viewers got. it was as plot driven as the force and speed of a subway train. it may not have been anything special or something that you've never seen before but it didn't need to be. soderbergh created a sick twisted world in which there's a turn behind every corner.

  • This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Side Effects

    Though not as good as Stoker, I still loved it! The best thing Soderbergh has done since Che. The way he bends and flirts with the narrative is admirable and charming. And Roony Marra's performance is pitch perfect! Yay for psycho-sexual frenzy! Oh yeah, don't let anyone ruin this movie for you. Its twists and turns are surprising.

  • Zachary W's rating of the film Side Effects

    Only further proof that Steven Soderbergh's imminent retirement is nothing short of a catastrophic tragedy for American cinema. Few filmmakers, even in the Classical Hollywood age, were as adept at transitioning from project to project with the precision and grace that Soderbergh consistently displays. He's a modern master; no two ways about it.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Side Effects

    Continually twisting without ever cracking its smooth surface, this is like a 70s paranoia thriller shot on digital. The same story told conventionally could easily be awful, but Soderbergh-style, it becomes a compelling whats-it: a unnervingly tense drama, a satire of late-capitalism, a subversion of cliches, a preposterous mystery, and ultimately a goof on panic over Rx drugs. Brainier than de Palma. 4 stars.

  • Siksinaaq's rating of the film Side Effects

    Soderbergh dominates with his form. With his avant-garde mis-en-scene and relevant composition, he still manages to create a mainstream narrative with a compelling twists and turns that makes this among his best. Also his leads are amazing and add so much to the film. It's commentary on medication and how the public's view on it are compromising and shows the personal aspect of it. Can't wait for a re-watch.

  • Ghostman's rating of the film Side Effects

    Another great thriller from Soderbergh with a script that is delightfully twisty & surprising. It explores society's treatment on mental illness in a fascinating way without ever being preachy or didactic; following Soderbergh's usual dissections of big business corruption with one on Big Pharma. Most of all it's a lot of fun. At the time this was supposed to be the last Soderbergh movie. I'm glad that was BS.

  • Stefan Drees's rating of the film Side Effects

    Steven Soderbergh delivers a cleverly constructed film with some very exiting plot twists and critical nuances. Some sequences - like the first two and a half minutes and the corresponding end - are simply brillant and show a sovereign craftsmanship.

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