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Diarahkan oleh Eduardo Casanova
Sepanyol, 2017


The story of misshapen people who force themselves to hide, stay under the radar or connect between them. Lonely characters who are fighting to find their own place in a society which just understands regular body types, a society which outcast the people who is different.

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Skins Diarahkan oleh Eduardo Casanova

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  • Rafael Zen's rating of the film Skins

    Best worst film of the decade; and/or Almodovar meets John Waters meets Wes Anderson meets Gregg Araki meets My Big Fat Greek (Kiss) Wedding; and/or 2017's gay seapunk aesthetic; and/or one of the most thought through diegesis of the new european hispter-cool-young (charisma-uniqueness-nerve-talent) cinemateurs. I'm intrigued to see more.

  • MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Skins

    John Waters meets Pedro Almodovar. A kitschy remake of Freaks with over-the-top fetishism, self-harm, and candy-colored kinky sex. Considering that the accumulation of abject, disturbing situations feels, at times, overwhelming, the result is tender and touching. Overall, it is an exploration, rather than exploitation, of beauty standards. Don't miss Casanova's previous short, Eat My Shit.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Skins

    TV. 0. I don't remember, except from Arrabal's idiosyncrasies, hating so much a formal and imagistic universe like this one and before this reaction, nothing to do.

  • dave gunn's rating of the film Skins

    One of the best films I’ve personally seen this year. Absurd and sardonic Solondz style humor set against a pastel Cronenbergian soap opera dream state, this hyperlinks crude but still oddly moving tales not just about our concept of beauty, but also of love in all its forms—love of a partner, a child, one’s self.

  • Georges Iroh's rating of the film Skins

    Do not attach yourself to mere images, for they are mutable and in no way encompass the totality of any one person. A seriously soulful and refreshing horror movie where the monsters are well-off able-bodied predators abusing the disabled, and it is high-key an intersectional trans text as well. The John Waters, Almodovar and Tod Browning comparisons feel shallow; the closest point of reference here is Ulrich Seidl.

  • Louis Robert's rating of the film Skins

    At first I was scared that the movie would just be a boring cynical moral about how society is mean with persons that are different by showing random pity situations. But in the end it’s all cleverly connected in a really tender way!

  • Dada Kubin's rating of the film Skins

    I think I've seen the heir of Almodovar. “Skins” will make you laugh and feel sad for the ones you’re laughing at, you will feel touched and disgusted at the same time, you’ll be overwhelmed by the pink&lila aesthetics while asking yourself why are we so eager to banish those whose appearance differs from what we regard as average or normal. And guaranteed it’s got scenes like you’ve never seen before.

  • Luca Soldati's rating of the film Skins

    Episodi caratterizzati da personaggi con deformità, i quali risultano il centro del film, insieme ad una interessante analisi della società e delle famiglie, mostrate crudeli e incapace di accertarli. Tono sopra le righe coinvolgente. Morale ben trasmessa, anche se un po' didascalica. Regia curata e precisa. Messa in scena ben fatta e adatta al contesto. Quasi tutti i personaggi con psicologie ben strutturate

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