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Small Change

L'argent de poche

Diarahkan oleh François Truffaut
Perancis, 1976
Komedi, Drama


Various experiences of childhood are seen in several sequences that take place in the small town of Thiers, France. Vignettes include a boy’s awakening interest in girls, couples double-dating at the movies, and brothers giving their friend a haircut.

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Small Change Diarahkan oleh François Truffaut

Anugerah & Pesta

Berlin International Film Festival

1976 | 2 anugerah termasuk: OCIC Award - Recommendation

National Board of Review

1976 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Top Foreign Films

Golden Globes (USA)

1977 | 1 anugerah termasuk: Best Foreign Film

Ulasan pengkritik

The kids probably won’t remember a word of it after summer vacation, but that doesn’t really matter; the speech, like the improvisatory funny business that precedes it, is addressed to adult viewers. That the Nouvelle Vague’s “sentimental favorite” also happened to be its resident misanthrope doesn’t help to clear things up, but the movie’s sincere even in its shortcomings.
July 02, 2010
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