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Story of a Prostitute


Diarahkan oleh Seijun Suzuki
Jepun, 1965


In Seijun Suzuki’s tragic love story, Harumi, volunteering as a “comfort woman” on the Manchurian front, where she is expected to service hundreds of soldiers, is commandeered by the brutal Lieutenant Narita but falls for the sensitive Mikami, Narita’s direct subordinate.

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Story of a Prostitute Diarahkan oleh Seijun Suzuki

Ulasan pengkritik

Suzuki’s visual talents are once again on display in STORY—this time photographing in beautiful black and white, reaching a climax when Yumiko sprints across an active battlefield—and he weaves into the story his anarchist’s attitude towards the military, which he would go on to further develop and deepen in 1966’s FIGHTING ELEGY.
January 08, 2016
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