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Tati Story

Diarahkan oleh Stephane Goudet
Perancis, 2002
Dokumentari, Pendek


This 2002 film by Jacques Tati scholar Stephane Goudet traces Tati’s life and work through clips from his films and rare photos and archival material.

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Tati Story Diarahkan oleh Stephane Goudet

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  • aurkihnowe's rating of the film Tati Story

    So, over the next few days, I'm gonna try, ONCE AGAIN, to quit smoking.... I've decided to make cleaning,candy, and exploring the work of goofball auteur Jacques Tati therapy for this time. this short documentary can be found on the Complete Tati Criterion Collection DVD/Blu-ray, & it's a nice little gem of itself...from the little I've seen, I think I'll prolly make the films of Tati part of my personal collection

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