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The Addiction

Diarahkan oleh Abel Ferrara
Amerika Syarikat, 1995
Seram, Drama, Avant-Garde


Kathleen Conklin, a doctoral student in philosophy, finds herself with a new perspective on the nature of evil and humanity after being bitten by a vampire in New York City….

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The Addiction Diarahkan oleh Abel Ferrara

Ulasan pengkritik

Like Abel Ferrara’s other collaborations with screenwriter Nicholas St. John, The Addiction is rife with intense and undigested contradictions. The film loosely mixes addiction and assault metaphors, capturing the self-loathing of addicts while almost inadvertently suggesting that victims of sexual abuse have it coming.
June 26, 2018
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The film invents a critical circulation of images—tearing those images away from the univocality of memory in an attempt to radically manifest their current, active nature (dramatized in terms of their harmfulness). In this economy the image no longer represents a prop but an agent, no longer a reflection but a cause—and it is impossible to be cured of it.
December 20, 2006

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  • tidal waif's rating of the film The Addiction

    For the record: tempestuous name-dropping doesn't amount to philosophy just as casual bomb dropping challenged here won't add up to strategy. Wish Ferrara did what Kafka had attempted in Metamorphosis and Painlevé in underwater docs: recreate another species' Umwelt not through the lens of human Umgebung, our so-called objective space we impose scruplelessly upon all the rest, but from the changing alter-human angle.

  • El Biffo's rating of the film The Addiction

    Great vampire film in Black & White with Lili Taylor, Annabella Sciorra and Christopher Walken, who is oh-so perfect as a seasoned, jaded vampire.

  • Ethan's rating of the film The Addiction

    Lili Taylor gives an explosive performance in this brilliant, nightmarish horror film from the incredible Abel Ferrara. The black and white cinematography adds a certain eeriness that makes this film a haunting urban nightmare that has a lot to say about society while still maintaining its status as a horror film. A true gem.

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film The Addiction

    At face-value, the turning-vampire being a philosophy student is as obtuse and pseudo-intellectual as its quote-unquote witty idea. The digressions are forced into themes as much as its didacticism is freshman-year in its discourse. It wasn't until I realized that it's actually vamping on the sad presumption that higher academia alone means surefire success and greater understanding, that I loved it as a work of art.

  • Gia de Almeida's rating of the film The Addiction

    We get it, vampirism as a metaphor for addiction, nice. Ferrara establishes the metaphor and has no clue of where to go from there so, after that it's a rather dull, repetitive affair. If this was all he had he should have gone for a short, this would have been brilliant as a short.

  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film The Addiction

    Ferrara beats the audience over the head with his vampirism as drug addiction analogy until it no longer seems intelligent and instead becomes rather dull. The difficulty here is this; after establishing the central metaphor, Ferrara & writer Nicholas St. John have no idea where to take it. While beautifully filmed & performed, the end result feels academic; its philosophical musings obvious to the point of cliché.

  • Francisco R.'s rating of the film The Addiction

    The visuals evoke Tourneur and Lewton with a style so pure and suggestive it becomes a mesmerizing experience. St. John's screenplay struggles with some of the dialog but the acting and characterizations more than make up for it. Anabella Sciorra is fantastic as the sultry vampiress, and Lili owns the role. Walken's cameo is impressive as well. A fantastic, very sensual experience overall.

  • Joks's rating of the film The Addiction

    The rap music dates it, and often seemed unnecessary, like Ferrara was trying too hard to be 'gritty' and 'street', but it is a unique and strange film that really is a one of a kind experience, and further evidence that he really needs a good writer to make his best films. I'd recommend fans to check out the German dvd released by Art Haus. It's not perfect but it's good enough(for now)

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