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The Bellboy

Diarahkan oleh Jerry Lewis
Amerika Syarikat, 1960


In Miami Beach, the mute bellboy Stanley works at the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel. In spite of being a serviceable and friendly employee, the clumsy Stanley gets successively into trouble with his mistakes.

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The Bellboy Diarahkan oleh Jerry Lewis

Ulasan pengkritik

Without a standard plot or a linear structure, The Bellboy manages to appear more creatively inspired than hastily assembled… [Stanley’s is] a world where one could easily hop in an airplane and take it for a spin, land it perfectly, and walk away whistling. These rather magical qualities of the central character meshed with the magic of the cinematic process.
July 10, 2016
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THE BELLBOY posits, movingly, that there’s still some space for a silent comedy revival in the midst of a grey, corporatized world. It’s not nostalgia: it’s the act of a man refusing obsolescence.
November 02, 2012
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