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Nilai & Ulasan

  1. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film The Green Room

    Truffaut,ancora una volta,rinnova ed arricchisce il suo cinema con un'altra gemma,un film sulla memoria e sull'incapacità di elaborare il lutto.Il protagonista(il regista stesso) è un uomo ossessionato dai propri morti a tal punto da rinunciare ai "suoi" vivi ed alla vita stessa per crogiolarsi nelle tenebre dell'ineluttabilità.Campi stretti e carrellate da estasi.Un film originale,da vedere e rivedere.4*

  2. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film The Green Room

    Extremely meloncholy late Truffaut. It's dream-like with stunning photography and the great Nathalie Baye

  3. Lars Ole Kristiansen's rating of the film The Green Room

    Truffaut himself said of the film: "It's a bit like a declaration of love, and is neither depressing, nor morbid nor sad." Spot on. And therefore a tedious film. And while Truffaut is one of the great masters of cinema, he's not a very good actor. The film suffers from his flat and soulless performance. Nestor Almendros dark cinematography is beautiful though, as usual. (D)

  4. slo's rating of the film The Green Room

    truffaut adds new depths to henry james's parable and carefully tranfers the ephemeral feeling of spirituality from the short story, moreover he does a great job as an actor not overreacting but at the same time conveying every little emotion of his fragile character, but nathalie baye ruins the movie, she is dull and not eccentric enough for the part

  5. Sean Keeley's rating of the film The Green Room

    This is very much an auteur's film: the green room can be seen as a metaphor for Truffaut's celebration of bygone directors, while his performance is self-critical, depicting a melancholy loner too taken with his own obsessions to connect with other people. The musty brown-and-green cinematography combined with the solemn music contribute greatly to the film's atmosphere, though for me it is not quite a masterpiece.

  6. chanandre's rating of the film The Green Room

    [Cinémathèque PT #134: 35 mm]

  7. All Is Grace's rating of the film The Green Room

    A fine film on the subject of death (obsession with death, to be exact) and life from Truffaut. I didn't find it perfect though, just pretty good. 4 stars from 5.

  8. deoliolioxensmee's rating of the film The Green Room

    Truffaut's most under-appreciated film and perhaps the best film on the subject of death.

  9. Mark Kasten's rating of the film The Green Room

    A beautiful film that has suffered to the purgatory of lack of and undeserving releases. Definitely Truffaut's unseen masterpiece. A beautiful, passionate, and mysterious film that, especially with Truffaut playing his own lead, lays out the directors soul for all to see. Melancholic and uplifting at once. A truly rewarding and unique film experience.

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